Passport renewals and Temporary Travel Documents

Zimbabweans Living Abroad

Issuance Of Travel Documents

Issuance of travel documents to Zimbabweans living abroad

Requirements for application for a Zimbabwean passport

Please be advised that applicants need to COME in person and submit their application forms because applicants need to have their fingerprints taken at the Embassy.

The following documents are required when submitting the application form:

1. Original and photocopy of Zimbabwean Long Birth Certificate;

2. Original and photocopy of National Identity Card (ID) (Paper type, metal type, or plastic-type), for those who turn 16. Kindly be advised that all Zimbabwean children who have turned 16 years of age are required to obtain Zimbabwe National Registration Cards (IDs), by law, before they can apply for Zimbabwe Passports. The registration cards can only be obtained by going to Zimbabwe to make the application in person.

3. Marriage Certificate and photocopy, (for married women – ID should be in married name);

4. Proof of Citizenship, if claiming citizenship in Zimbabwe by Descent, Registration or Naturalisation;

5. Old/Expired Passport plus a photocopy of bio-data page for new type passport or pages 1 to 5 for old-type Passport or letter from Home Office;

6. A fee of US$30 in Cash.

Children below 18 years should be accompanied by either parents or Legal Guardian, with I.D card or valid Passport to sign Section 5 of the Passport form;

Parents and Legal Guardians of children below 18 years whose dependents are not resident in the United Kingdom need to sign Section 5 at the Embassy and send it to their dependents.

2 x colour photographs of 4.5cm long by 3.5cm wide dimensions, taken from a studio with a WHITE background, and applicants should wear DARK coloured upper clothes.